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Amazing game

The part where you have to shoot and move the arrow up and down does not work. Up and down arrows do nothing so I can't move. This is in chrome BTW

I thought the same thing, but it does work: the controls don't move the bow, they move the arrow when it's flight. You need to launch the arrow then steer it around the birds.

Im pretty sure it does. It worked for me


Great game, well done! How did you create the old monitor look?

This game is amazing!


I cant even answer the first question!! because there are no hints,  and the one you give doesnt even make sence!


Sorry to hear that. The answer is toolkit. The creator of the game jam is called Game Makers Toolkit.

That was a fairly tense experience! Won with zero seconds left--wooo!

Just saying: good call having an AI generate the "Important Email."


For those of you that need a hint with the first password: Look at which game jam this was submitted under.

what is it? and where do i find it?

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Good job!


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I love it. I find it funny, exciting and good job for coming up with all these mini games ^^

Thanks :D


My favourite so far, really gived me the chills 

Thanks a lot!


Wow really well done love the style and its very easy to pick up.


Thanks. I just played your game and I like the art style. It is really cool that you are painting while playing. Well done.


well-polished and intuitive, while making the player feel the same panic and confusion that they would if it were actually inscrutable. short and sweet. I loved it!

Thanks. I designed the game to make the player panic and a little confused so it is awesome to hear that it worked.


Simple idea done very well. The pressure got to me.

I was not sure if people would feel pressured, but good to hear that it works


That was fun and funny :)

That is nice to hear, thanks.


Cool Game,one of the best in this jam!

WOW! Thanks :D


Probably the most Interesting game of the jam I've seen so far, it's really good

Thank you very much.


Nice simple game. Well done!



The sound effects are [chef's kiss]