This is my entry for GMTK Game Jam 2021

You are about to share an important earnings report that might land you a promotion, but for some reason, the projector uses a SATA cable while your laptop only has USB ports. Luckily for you, the office has many weird dongles you can use. Find a way to convert USB into SATA so you can give the maybe most important presentation of your life.


  • You can drag dongles around using left mouse button.
  • Dongles automatically connect when pushed into matching connection type.
  • You can disconnect a dongle again using right mouse button.
  • When you hover over a dongle, the connection type is shown in the top right corner.

I did all the coding and game design.
You can find me on Twitter @LeviMooreDev

Art & Audio

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorLevi Moore


Download 44 MB


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dude, absolutely flesh this out and make more! I love the simplicity while also balancing the complexity, and the satisfying click sounds are amazing, I would love to play something like this on my phone with haptics to make it even more satisfying. this is great keep it up!

beautiful game! the interactions are so clicky and satisfying, the concept is cool and the tension is real!

This was fantastic! Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for playing!


This was an awesome concept, I feel like this could be expanded into a full game, especially with (optional) VR, something along the lines of "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes", where each module is procedurally generated. Could add in "room escape" elements, and/or tool use, such as unscrewing devices to get needed components out etc. I like it. Oh and the aesthetic, reminds me a bit of job simulator :)


I am actually working on some prototypes for what you just said. I don't know how it will end yet, but maybe there will be more Dongle Hell sometime in the future.


Very Cool, Nice Game, Only Question, Is There More?

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I may be working on some more. I am still prototyping, so who knows what will come of it.,


ok, I'm not rushing or anything, I'm just saying it's a very cool game.

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Thanks for the nice 10/10 :)

This was such a unique game i have to ask how did you come up with this concept

I was brainstorming ideas and looked at the charging cable for my new phone and thought to myself "how nice that all my devices now use USB C.... but what if they didn't!" From there I just prototyped some gameplay until it felt right.

this stressed me as phck, but i loved it ;D

Glad to hear you enjoyed my game :D

Lol this was cute. When I realized you had to keep adding connections and you couldn't just drag the laptop over, I had an internal groan. Nice ending as well. Took a bit to figure out right click, a in-game clue might be more user friendly, but it was quick to figure out. I do like to dive in without reading about controls in the description though ;) - Nankey

I am glad that you liked it :) One of the things I have learned from game jams is that people don't like to read :p Thanks for the feedback and for playing. It is appreciated :)

As soon as I saw "the projector uses a SATA cable" I knew this must be hilarious.

Great job on this game! The gameplay can be understood immediately. The game is just long enough to immerse the player in the joke and then deliver the punchline. (It helps that I've also worked in IT...)

Heck, I'd be delighted if this were ever extended into a bigger game someday (with multiple levels, some kind of story, etc.). That's how much I enjoyed it. :)

Glad to hear that you like it. Also thank you for the nice comment it means a lot. If I have time I might work some more on the game after the jam. A lot of players are saying they would like some more.

the projector



0/10, amazing idea and epic ending!

Glad you didn't notice the DDR dongle or else I might have received -10/10. But seriously I am glad to hear you liked the idea and ending :D

this is by far my favourite game in all the Game Jam. It’s super original!  (And also looks fantastic ❤️).

Great job!

wow! by far your favorite game in the jam! That is so awesome to hear. Thanks a lot :D

I work in IT, and I had some meeting time PTSD...

10 out of 10 would have anxiety attack again <3 

Thanks for the 10/10. That is so nice of you and very appreciated! Oh and also sorry about the PTSD xD

good game 10/10

Thank you very much. That is nice to hear.

I liked it.  


Glad to hear that :)

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Amazing physics interactions, very fluid and fun! Though the matching instructions are a bit hard to follow sometimes. Overall among the bests I've seen so far :)

Glad to hear that you liked the game. If you have an idea for better matching instructions, I would very much appreciate hearing it. I also think they could be better, and if I work on the game after the jam is over, I want to fix this.

A possible improvement is to move the top-right guide closer to the focus point, such as a small pop-up above the dongle when hovering. Right now your eyes have to dart back and forth a lot.

I like the idea of having a pop-up above the dongles. Nice way of avoiding going back and forth a lot. Great feedback.

The frustration is real. Simple but amazing!

Thanks a lot for playing. Glad to hear that you like it :)


I couldn't help but play the game some more and ponder over the possible routes, so I wrote down the connections and generated a dot graph! Finally some order in hell.

wow that is awesome! :D

hard controls but otherwise fun

Thanks for playing :) All the dongles use physics which made it very hard to program good controls. If I could do it again I would drop the physics and write my own movement system. Great to hear that it was still fun :)

Really unique concept and great execution for a one-person project! Couple of issues:

  • I can't move the SATA cable, is that intended? I was able to get USB male on the other end, but it wouldn't reach the laptop.
  • Dragging the adapters along is a little sluggish and unwieldy.
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Thanks for playing and for the feedback :) It is intended that you cant move the SATA cable. When you get the USB in the laptop you then have to add more dongles after it until you can reach the SATA cable.